What are the powers to be afraid of?

One would think that in order to work on the behest of all the citizens of a state, the leader, the Governor, would talk with the citizens he is about to make a ruling against, and try to explain to those individuals why he is about to make said ruling, and give the parties of those groups a chance to open a dialogue with the, Governor to try to reach a solution. That was not the case.

Maine Governor Affirms and Rejects Tribal Sovereignty in New Executive Order.

The governor of Maine has rescinded a three year-old executive order that recognized the “special relationship” between the State of Maine and Indian tribes living there. The order created a consultation policy for tribal input before laws, rules and policies affecting them are passed.

Gov. Paul LePage’s new executive order on April 16, “An Order Respecting Joint Sovereignty and Interdependence,”......Read more at.