Pipeline Company Attacks Native American #nodapl Protesters

Thank our WARRIORS for fighting off these assholes with their gas and dogs! We believe what that was about was to PROVOKE the protesters to become violent! There is an upcoming hearing on September 9th 2016 that may determine the fate of this project.  

The protestors be Commended for NOT FALLING FOR THAT SHIT!! And THANK YOU, Amy Goodwin, with Democracy Now for covering this!! Again, we ask.... where is President Obama? Who VISITED Standing rock on JUNE 13th of this yea rand said:

"I know that throughout history, the United States often didn't give the nation-to-nation relationship the respect that it deserved," Obama said. "So I promised when I ran to be a president who'd change that — a president who honors our sacred trust, and who respects your sovereignty."




Well shit Mr. Obama, here is a GREAT chance to prove that!! As for Hillary Clinton? Pfff.... again, where is is she???? oh right.....she LIKES the fossil fuel MONEY she gets from them. She LIKES the Fracking companies...... WATER IS LIFE! without the blue, there is no green!

Watch Amy Goodwin's Coverage of the Pipeline