Pipeline Company Attacks Native American #nodapl Protesters

Thank our WARRIORS for fighting off these assholes with their gas and dogs! We believe what that was about was to PROVOKE the protesters to become violent! There is an upcoming hearing on September 9th 2016 that may determine the fate of this project.  

The protestors be Commended for NOT FALLING FOR THAT SHIT!! And THANK YOU, Amy Goodwin, with Democracy Now for covering this!! Again, we ask.... where is President Obama? Who VISITED Standing rock on JUNE 13th of this yea rand said:

"I know that throughout history, the United States often didn't give the nation-to-nation relationship the respect that it deserved," Obama said. "So I promised when I ran to be a president who'd change that — a president who honors our sacred trust, and who respects your sovereignty."




Well shit Mr. Obama, here is a GREAT chance to prove that!! As for Hillary Clinton? Pfff.... again, where is is she???? oh right.....she LIKES the fossil fuel MONEY she gets from them. She LIKES the Fracking companies...... WATER IS LIFE! without the blue, there is no green!

Watch Amy Goodwin's Coverage of the Pipeline







Indigenous people have always fought for Mother Earth

The environmental fight has ALWAYS been LED by Indigenous people fighting against big oil and any energy company seeking to destroy the land for profits. while we understand the need for energy, etc.... little is being done to develop ALTERNATIVE sources of energy that are MUCH safer for the environment. Imagine what could be done if Oil companies would start smaller spin-off companies to help develop Solar & Wind energy options. Over time, less and less dependency on fossil fuel.  Watch this great piece produced by Fusion.

Actress Shailene Woodley Joins Pipeline Protest

Actress Shailene Woodley

Actress Shailene Woodley

MORTON COUNTY — A movie star on Thursday joined the largest protest yet to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing the Missouri River near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Actress Shailene Woodley, a heroine of the Divergent movie series, was among a knot of sweaty runners who returned to the reservation after delivering a petition opposing the pipeline to Washington D.C.

Woodley and the runners ended with a symbolic lap from the Cannonball River to a site on Highway 1806, where about 225 tribal members and supporters prayed and sang to try to stop the pipeline from entering land bordering the reservation, heading toward the river.