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Podcast Guest, Brian Chenevert

Guest, Brian Chenevert Children's auhtor

These traditional and modern tales of the raccoon Azban, trickster of the Western Abenaki people, provided timeless lessons for all people. Azban begins his search for food and fun in the far north, at Lake Memphremagog, where he “earns” his stripes, then he moves on to the Nulhegan River where he “hunts” crawfish. Traveling further south Azban “gathers” honey along the Connecticut River, and then corn from a Koasek Abenaki village. He meets a challenge at Bellows Falls and investigates the strange sounds around Mt. Tom. His adventures end where the river meets the ocean in Long Island sound but, Azban promises more adventure during his return trip!

  Brian Chenevert is citizen of the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe. He is a writer, story teller, tribal drummer and cultural advocate. Some of his cultural revitalization accomplishments included the discovery and distribution of a 50 CD audio set of the Abenaki language which, with the help of a non-profit organization, was copied and redistributed to Abenaki tribal members at no cost. As well as reviving the Abenaki winter game of Snow Snakes which has now been held annually since 2008. He has also provided testimony to both the State of Vermont and the State of New Hampshire regarding laws affecting Native American and in particular Abenaki people. Brian has provided multiple Abenaki organizations with Abenaki language word search games as well as Abenaki stories for their newsletter publications. He has just released his first book titled “Azban’s Great Journey” a combination of both traditional and original stories of the Abenaki trickster Azban, the raccoon. Brian’s current projects include compiling a DVD of various written and audio Abenaki language resources and lessons, which will hopefully be made available to tribal members at no cost. He is also working with a fellow Abenaki artist on an Abenaki Language coloring book for which all profits will be donated to Abenaki youth programs and/or scholarships.

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