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GUEST: Marilyn Vann

Marilyn Vann

Marilyn Vann

Marilyn serves as President and a director of the Descendants of Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes Association, a nonprofit corporation which educates the public on the history, culture, and political rights of the African Indian peoples of the 5 Nations who were formerly known as the Five Civilized Tribes.

She is also President of the African Indians Foundation, a 501c3 Corporation, and is a litigant in Federal lawsuits such as Vann et Al Versus Norton and Cherokee Nation V Nash, which deal with the enforcement of the 1866  treaty rights of the Cherokee  Indian Freedmen Peoples tribal membership rights.

Marilyn is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. She is a descendant of  Joseph Vann and Rider Fields, who were native Cherokee citizens by blood who immigrated to what is now Eastern Oklahoma prior to 1840.  Her father, a member of the Cherokee nation was born in what is now Nowata County and was listed on the Dawes “Final Rolls” of  Cherokee citizens, the base tribal rolls prepared and recognized by the United States government and the Cherokee nation at the term of the 20th century.

Marilyn graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering with Distinction. She is the first known Female having African Descent to graduate from that discipline at the University of Oklahoma. After two years of employment with Exxon Mobil as an engineer, she was employed as a Federal Government Treasury Department engineer for 32 years in Oklahoma City before retirement.  She is married, with a daughter and son in law and is a member of the Protestant Faith.

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April 28th Jan Michael Lookingwolf

Jan Michael Looking Wolf RecordingArtist/Performer/Educator/Author and Humanitarian
An enrolled Kalapuya Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde that resides within his indigenous homelands in Oregon, Jan Michael Looking Wolf is a renowned Native American flute player. Traveling a broad range of musical styles, his works have garnered over 52 awards and a top ten ranking in the new age charts. 
He is the winner of four Native American Music Awards – Artist of the Year, Flutist of the Year, Best Record and Best Music Video.

Jan Michael Lookingwolf

Jan Michael Lookingwolf

After years of research of the Native American Flute, Looking Wolf created a curriculum for accredited university courses that he has instructed since 2005. He has authored two books that are published – “One Heart and the Native American Flute” (High Spirits) which focuses on the flute’s history and technique. In a collaboration with number selling Aboriginal author David Bouchard, Looking Wolf co-authored the book “The First Flute”, which was published by Red Deer Press.

Looking Wolf’s lifeway and musical expressions are based on the tradition of ‘One Heart’. In short, it is a universal truth that we are equal regardless of the color of our skin, tribal affiliation, language we speak, income, gender, faith, nationality or personal beliefs. ‘One Heart’ is the recognition of Unity through Diversity. His music shares a message of hope for oneness of humanity. Jan’s music has been used to help several non-profit projects including for children with cancer, homeless shelters, earthquake survivors, and youth drug and alcohol prevention.

He frequently performs at festivals, conferences, concerts and other events as a solo performer and with his acoustic band ‘Looking Wolf” which include long-time friends and musicians Tim Yett – guitars/flutes, Nathan Myers – lead guitar/vocals, Mark Babson - Violin, Neal Grandstaff - guitars, and George Robnett – percussion/vocals.

 The band just finished a new CD entitled ‘ASCENSION’ that was released in January of 2017.   ASCENSION” is a beautiful, meditative, world sound with, of course, Jan's Native American Flutes in the forefront.  

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APRIL 7th GUESTS: Lil Mike & Funny Bone AKA "MIKE BONE"

please see www.mikebonemusic.com

please see www.mikebonemusic.com

LIL MIKE + FUNNYBONE are a Native American HipHop duo born & raised in Oklahoma City, known together as "MIKE BONE" are full-time Recording Artists, Entertainers & Speakers. These two exploded onto the scene with an unforgettable performance on NBC's America's Got Talent. Brothers but not twins, short but not midgets, unique in every way. They've spent years making music and performing from Arenas to Casino's, School's, to Club's, Birthday Parties, & Churches.

Watch their AGT episode on YouTube.

Link: https://youtu.be/hnF3BJw8ALs

Known as "MIKE BONE" they've opened up for big name artists, been on TV, played in penitentiaries, & mobbed by screaming fans. From their quality lyrics to their seemingly endless energy on stage, MIKE & BONE have become Music & Performance icons.

It hasn't been easy getting to that point. From homelessness to gang violence, to discrimination, all the while maintaining their faith in GOD. More than just recording artists, MIKE BONE take Rap/Performance to a Whole New Level as influential Rappers, Dancers, & Speakers. Traveling the world, climbing charts, & gaining popularity, all while making a difference!

To learn their story watch this 3-time Award Winning Documentary. "Looked Over But Never Overlooked"  The Story of Lil Mike & FunnyBone.

Link: https://youtu.be/0AuDrXRLrLA 


More info at MikeBoneMusic.com

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MARCH 10th, Guest: Rick Cuevas, Founder, www.OriginalPechenga.com

Rick Cuevas

Rick Cuevas

Imagine for a moment the home that you grew up in. The neighborhood and the town that you spent your childhood. How familiar it feels to you. The friends you made, maybe other family members that you spent time with regularly. That safe and secure feeling of familiarity.

Now imagine one day that you are told that you may no longer live in your home and that in fact, you no longer have a right to stay in it, or the right to even live in your neighborhood. Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly were faced with having to move away from that home, those surroundings...all because someone (else) said you are no longer welcome.  That you are no longer allowed to even stay in your neighborhood. How would you feel? 

That is exactly what happened to our Guest Rick Cuevas. 

Rick is a descendant of Paulina Hunter, an original allottee to the Temecula Indian Reservation in California, who was disenrolled from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in 2006. Paulina Hunter was disenrolled 107 years after her death, and ALL descendants, living, dead and unborn, had their heritage eliminated. 

To bring awareness to this problem and to the very subject of dis-enrollment, He founded "Original Pechanga" a Blog which chronicles cases surrounding tribal dis-enrollment for members of his own people as well as news and information on other dis-enrollment actions around the country.  The Origional Pechanga blog was started in March of 2007 and continues to bring awareness about this modern form of Tribal Genocide.

For More Information, visit  originalpechanga.com