David GreyOwl grew up in a small community in Hawkins county TN, and spent many days throughout his youth at the EBCI (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.) reservation.

     David enjoys writing as a past time, and especially enjoys writing for children. Writing has been a passion since childhood. A lot of his ideas and inspiration comes from having 17 God children, and his childhood which reminds him of a television program from many years ago called the “Little Rascals.”  

       “As a child, my Grandmother taught me a very important lesson. She would say, “Whatever you want to do in life you can do. Nothing is impossible.” 

     David has coached Men’s College Basketball for ten years at Three Rivers Community college, and has coached and counseled youth for over 25 years. Most of David’s life has been spent in service to others. David is a Veteran, a Paramedic, holds a Doctorate in Natural Health and Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural health, and he is a PhD in Religion and Theology from the Esoteric Interfaith Seminary. David is taking a break from his pursuit of a PhD in Psychology with The University of Phoenix. David has served on numerous boards, taught many classes about the environment, health and indigenous culture. David is a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of AL.   

      David believes the many facets of life like family, friends, places explored, places to explore, joys, heart breaks, births and deaths makes life what it is today. As an American Indian, (Native American), the circle of life is a philosophy that he lives by.

     “I think about the future often, and how we have the ability to shape our future. We have the power to decide what our future will be, and I believe we have the power to make that future a future that will sustain us for centuries to come. We can do this by giving children a good head start.” 

      “Our youth is our future. I choose to invest wisely, one child at a time, to help THEM make a difference for a sustainable future for centuries to come by educating one child at a time, one piece at a time. This will help to ensure our futures, our children.”

 “Dreams are the blu-prints [sic] for reality.” ~Halls Cooper~.