Adam Sandler Finally Addresses Ridiculous Six Controversy

Filmaker Adam Sandler

Filmaker Adam Sandler

Lisa J. Ellwood


One week before Adam Sandler’s “The Ridiculous Six” officially debuted on Netflix on December 11, Adam Sandler finally talked about the Native actors who walked off his set in protest. Sandler’s remarks appear in an online video interview posted by the Washington Postthat was shot at the movie’s premiere in Hollywood.

Sandler said in the video, “I certainly didn’t want anyone to be offended… Once they see the movie we are making - it is so not trying to be hurtful. We were just trying to show how great American Indians are.”

However, despite the walk-offof the film’s cultural advisor, Native American actor Loren Anthony, and other extras last Spring, Sandler insists he has Netflix’s full support.