A Tripple Threat To The Mid-West's Ogallala Aquifer...

By Michael Kickingbear...

My-cohost Dave has been a long time advocate and warrior for clean water, trying to bring awareness to the stubborn (such as myself initially) about the threats that are happening right now to available groundwater sources across the country.

After listening to David, and other research, I started learning about threats to water such as what the Multi-National conglomerate, Nestle bottling company, take through water easement rights deals that they make with small American towns and impoverished countries around the world. In some cases, millions of gallons of water are pumped and removed from these sites DAILY from such sites, and where the levels of these water sources are becoming increasingly low, and the rates of replenishment to these supplies (Such as rainfall) are not fast enough to offset the usage.   

This week, dave sent me a segment from the Russia Today online media network (Or RT) from their “big picture” news show, hosted by Thom Hartman. In this Segment, he interviewed Kevin Kamps, a staff member at beyondnuclear.org who mission is to “educate and activate the public about the connections between Nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon them both to safeguard our futures." Kevin specializes and reports on the Nuclear waste sector.

Mr. Kamps mentioned that the Ogallala Aquifer, the largest groundwater source in the middle of the nation is under a triple threat:

1.) Due to heavy agriculture in the midwest (watering crops), the levels in the aquifer are steadily dropping, and not getting naturally replenished fast enough. (Only about one inch per year from rainfall)

2.) The newly resurrected XL Pipeline project (Thanks to Trump and his "administration" will be built over a good portion of the aquifer. If that leaks, (and it will), that will also threaten the water supply.

3.) As presented in the RT piece, the "New" Secretary of Energy Rick Perry (Yes, THAT Rick Perry, the former Governor od Texas) Plans to sign an agreement with the company WCS or "Waste Control Specialists") a company that professes to "providing secure, safe and permanent disposal of low-level RADIOACTIVE waste". A radioactive waste treatment facility is planned for Texas directly over the Ogallala Aquifer, which will constitute the third threat.

According to Beyond Nuclear, a watchdog resource that educates the public about the threats of Nuclear energy and weapons, WCS "has applied to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a license to construct and operate a "centralized interim storage facility" for 40,000 metric tons of commercial irradiated nuclear fuel, more than half of what exists in the U.S".  The property where the site is being proposed is owned by Harold Simmons,  a big financial supporter of Perry’s presidential campaign. Rick Perry was Nominated and confirmed as the current US Secretary of Energy. He is expected to sign an agreement blessed by the Nuclear Regulatory commission to build the Nuclear Waste facility directly over the Oglala Aquifer in North-west Texas.

Read Beyond Nuclear's full report about the project here.

Why are people so hell bent to destroy this planet?  What are you going to drink if the water is poisoned? who are you going to rely on for your water? Nestle? Guess what, if ground water gets poisoned, Nestle or any other brand of bottled water can't help you either.. Last I checked, you can't just MAKE millions of gallons of water out of nothing!  

I just wanted to make people aware of this growing threat out west. I fear we will see a lot more examples like this in the near future as energy companies attempt to push their profit driven agendas forward, bolstered by a big business friendly republican administration. For Indian country, beware of proposals to gain access to your land to mine, dig, or drill all in the name of oil or water. Instead, look to partner with alternative energy companies that want to develop project WITH you in a safe and "clean" manner that won't hurt our planet.  While they may be far and few between, there are some oil companies that ACTUALLY do have alternative energy divisions

Also, the Office of Indian Energy Policy is another great resource that tribes can utilize to learn more about Solar energy. They are holding webinar series and other Indian energy programs worth looking into.


Watch The RT Episode here:

(Please NOTE: Kevin Kamp's Interview is at 15 minutes 25 seconds into the piece.)


Kevin Kamps at www.beyondnuclear.org



Watch “Pumped Dry: A race to the bottom of the Ogallala Aquifer in Kansas”

Kevin Kamps at www.beyondnuclear.org



Here are the states that rely on the Ogallala Aquifer:




Here is the planned route of the XL pipeline:


As you can see, the pipeline route runs through the states that rely on the Ogallala Aquifer the most. They are ALSO heavy food producing states!