Mainstream News VS. Alternative Media. What should YOU watch?

This is a fantastic piece from A+J. Watch and COMPARE this piece to ANYTHING you have seen on corporate controlled Mainstream media. Ask yourself this.... "Have you seen CBS,ABC,NBC,FOX,or CNN actually sit down and interview land protectors to the level that A+J did in this piece? Ever heard the saying "They know where their bread is buttered"? Corporate owned news networks are being told to limit their coverage of DAPL. They do not WANT to broadcast the truth. THANK YOU A+J,and the young Turks, Unicorn Riot, Sara T'Rula (reporting from the UK) and the many,MANY Indigenous news and environmental networks for getting the truth out where corporate news will not. I also ask that if you watch mainstream television networks, make note of the various advertisers, and begin to boycott buying and using their products. Write to them. Tell them that you no longer support the TV network that they advertise on. Also tell them WHY! Corporate media needs a reality check. They worship $$$. But what if we hurt their bottom line? Then they cease to be in a business that is sustainable. There is FAR better news coverage by these (now currently called) online "alternative news networks" who are covering current events so much better than corporate news media.

Thank you for reading.

#Waterislife #NODAPL

-Michael Kickingbear Johnson