Here is an initial list of native American Writers. This list is by no means a complete list of authors, not is it organized in any way at this time. Suggestions are greatly appreciated! please send suggestions to



Author: Cinnamon Spear

Work Example:

Author: Sable sweet grass

Work Example:

Author: Daniel Heath Justice

Author: Tatè walker

Author: Mary Kathryn Nagle (Cherokee)


Author: Michael Nicole yahgulanass (Haida) 

Author: Jack Davis (Noongar), 1917-2000.

Playwright, memoirist, poet. *Jagardoo*, *No Sugar*, *A Boy's Life*

Author: Janice Gould (Koyoonk'auwi).

Poet, scholar, musician. *Earthquake Weather*, *Doubters and Dreamers*

Author: Margaret Verble (Cherokee Nation).

Fiction writer. *Maud's Line*

Author: Duane BigEagle (Osage).

Poet. *Bidato*, "My Grandfather Was a Quantum Physicist"

Author: Kung Jaadee (Haida).

Children's writer, traditional storyteller. *Raven's Feast*

Author: Roxy Gordon (Choctaw), 1945-2000.

Multigenre writer, musician. *Some Things I Did*, *Breeds*

Author: Catherine Knutsson (Métis).

Speculative fiction writer. *Shadows Cast by Stars*

Author: Leela Gilday (Dene).

Singer-songwriter. *Sedze*, *Spirit Song, Solid Wood*, *Heart of the People*